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The React library is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It provides a minimal, high-performance foundation for apps that are both functional and fast.

React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook in 2013 to “focus on one core principle: Components are the best way to build user interfaces.” The library’s design principles are heavily influenced by one of Facebook’s most popular projects, the social media site, Instagram.

According to psychologist Tara Swart, “React” is an age-old phenomenon that has existed since the beginning of time. It is the response to people with high power and status in society; whether they are politicians, executives, or movie stars. Reacting to them is different than reacting to someone who is not powerful or popular. When someone reacts to a successful person, they might feel like they too can be successful.

This is why, in order to make a person feel successful, a powerful person must be acclimated to.

The React core value is “Components are the best way to build user interfaces.” In other words, React is all about JavaScript functions.

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